Our Mission


Our focus is to provide You, our partners, with an opportunity of a reliable connection to purchasers of your product. We offer our business partners a secure and smooth introduction to the Scandinavian market. We have acquired connections to a broad palette of companies in the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian market


Your investment is for us a partnership. We market your product in our region. Our investment is focus, hard work and time in branding your product. Our main goal is to contribute to your company by delivering excellent results


A partnership with us consists of your product, our connections, and us. We offer you the ability to expand your field of operation, by selling your product to Scandinavian companies. We approach our connections in Scandinavia with your product and seek a long-term deal that is contributing to your business

About us

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Name: Rasmus S. Kantsø

Email: rsk@foro.dk

Phone: +45 42 61 80 70




Name: Frederik Christian Nygaard

Email: fn@foro.dk

Phone: +45 26 20 12 92



Name: Franz Sørensen

Email: fs@foro.dk

Phone: +45 30 49 60 24  



Name: Torben Nygaard

Email: tn@foro.dk

Phone: +45 20 18 24 24



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